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Warwick Ball

archaeologist . author 

Worked for some two decades on archaeological sites in Iran, Libya, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Jordan and Iraq. These have included such key sites as Siraf on the Persian Gulf, Kandahar in Afghanistan and Jerash in Jordan. 

For twenty years until 2016, Warwick directed Eastern Approaches, a special interest travel company offering small group tours to places of cultural and historical note in the former Soviet Union, the Middle East, Central Asia and beyond.   

Contributed to numerous conferences and seminars around the world 

Co-founder and editor of the academic journal Afghanistan. Author of the Archaeological Gazetteer of Afghanistan that provides a definitive and comprehensive record of the archaeological sites and monuments of Afghanistan.

Challenged conventional views on such subjects as the Silk Road, the spread of religious ideas, Alexander the Great, C. S. Lewis and the Roman Empire.  

Warwick's book Rome in the East was awarded the James Henry Breasted prize in 2000.

Awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters from the University of St. Andrews in 2022.

Born in Australia, Warwick has been based in the Scottish Borders since the mid-eighties.

From a lifetime of travelling, Warwick has an extensive archive of high resolution images of mainly architectural, cultural and landscape interest.

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